Pupil Anti-Bullying Survey
The Article 12 society has decided to focus on anti-bullying this year. We would like to know your thoughts and experiences about bullying. Please be honest and the Article 12 society members will help you complete it! Thank you!
Are you male or female? *
What age are you? *
Have you ever been bullied? *
Do you think the following are bullying? *
Someone calls you a name one day
Someone you know repeatedly targets you to hurt you
A group of people always leave you out of games
You and your friend fall out
Someone hits or pushes you one day
Somebody sends you nasty online messages
Somebody always hits you
If you have been bullied, when did it happen?
Clear selection
If you were bullied, how did it happen? Tick all that apply.
If you were bullied, where did it happen?
If you have been bullied, how did it make you feel?
If you were bullied, who did you tell?
Do you think the school takes bullying seriously? *
If you seen someone being bullied what would you do? *
Have you ever bullied anyone? *
Have you any more thoughts or ideas about bullying?
The End!
Thank you for completing the survey, we will let you know the results soon!
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