MikuDB Community Survey
A survey to the users.
You can leave your short ID/Discord/whatever on any of the long answer textbox if you'd like to make yourself known.
How long have you been on the database? *
What do you use MikuDB for?
Which platform did you receive this survey on? *
Which platform do you use to interact with the staff members or at least just to stalk us? *
Are you satisfied with the features offered by the current database? *
If you chose answer #2 and #3 in the previous question, please fill them in here.
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If you have a serious inquiry you would like to ask, what would it be?
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Any other thoughts regarding to MikuDB or to its staff members?
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Do you wish to receive a direct answer from us? If yes, please write down below anyway we can get in touch with you (discord, FB link, email)
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