Casting Call: Lonesome Pine Podcast
Seeking voice actors of all experience levels for a five episode audio drama, the second season of Lonesome Pine Podcast. Recording will be in Washington, DC, but the roles designated as "featured" may be recorded remotely. We expect to record over two weekend days. The episodes are structured around a radio show called Rumour Milltown Radio.

Audition Deadline Extended to August 1.

Recording dates were initially set for July 28th and 29th, but now looking at August 11 and 12.

For a sense of the writing and production, please listen to Exhibit C: Moved by the Spirit from season one of the podcast. It's about 15 minutes long. You can find that here:

Friendship, paranoia, small town claustrophobia, queerness, cults, shit talking

Copy, credit, meals, and coffee will be provided.

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Please note that we are open to cis and trans actors of any ethnicity for all roles where it is not otherwise specified.

Lizzie (lead role), co-host of Rumour Milltown Radio
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: trans woman | TRAITS: nerdy, excitable | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Sue (lead role), co-host of Rumour Milltown Radio
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: black woman | TRAITS: thoughtful, sarcastic | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Brian (supporting role), a police officer. Lizzie's brother & Sue's ex-husband
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: man | TRAITS: brusk, bitter | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Dr. Eze (supporting role), a medical doctor. Sue's mom
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: black woman | TRAITS: cold, cerebral | ACCENT: Nigerian or neutral

Millicent (supporting role), a community leader from Lonesome Pine.
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: woman | TRAITS: charismatic, cruel | ACCENT: Appalachian

Mr. Eze (featured), a B&B owner. Sue's dad
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: black man | TRAITS: friendly, kind | ACCENT: Nigerian or neutral

Dana (featured), a jilted lover of Lizzie's.
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: woman | TRAITS: judgey, aggro | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Cassie (featured), a co-worker at Lizzie's day job.
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: woman | TRAITS: friendly, chipper | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Mama Jo (featured), owner of a pizza shop.
REQUIRED DEMOGRAPHICS: woman | TRAITS: suspicious, terse | ACCENT: Appalachian or neutral

Phone number *
Are you able to record in DC on August 11th and 12th? *
If you're available for one of those days or have another caveat, please feel free to pick "other" and talk us through it.
What roles are you auditioning for? *
Please attach a recording (audio or video) of you reading a short monologue of about two minutes in length. If you have an Appalachian or Nigerian accent, per the roles above, please use it.

If you're not sure what to read, try one of these:

Voice Clip
For website/press materials if cast. (If you don't have a professional headshot, that's okay)
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