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Accepted only Japanese related food or product. Send us application form with your product detail, Will send a confirmation Email and payment way.
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Tent(10ft x 10ft) : $115
Table(8ft): $25.00
Chair: $10.00
Fire extinguisher: $ 30.00
Propane gas(20lb) : $ 84.00
Gas Burner: $40
Generator 1000w: $125
Generator 2000w: $150
Generator 4000W: $200
Generator 6500W: $250
Portable gas stove $40
Pot 20qt: $40
Pot 40pt: $50
Pot 100qt: $60
License Cover: $60
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Event Guide
Effects of weather: cancel the JAPAN BLOCK FAIR only when the NYC has issued a warning. Only in this case, we are going to refund.

in the case of rain → bring cover for saving product from wetting in the rain
in the case of wind → device to have not been skipped your product

Event hours: 10AM-6PM
Preparation time: from 9AM to 10AM. (Allowed driving in until 10AM)
Cleaning time: from 6PM to 7PM ( Allowed driving from 6PM)

Booth size: 1 booth 10 feet x10 feet (3 meters X3 meters) Prohibited products: fake, imitation. Alcohol.

LIABILITY insurance: Japan Block Fair INC in already join.

Promotion: decorate your booth for making customer easy-to-understand, using such as product photos and prices, and display with the impact. it is important to make it easier to understand for appealing to customers.

For food vendors Please send us these documents by a week before of the event
・NYS certificate of authority
・NYC Health Department Food Establishment License H25 FS restaurant license
・New York Food Handlers License
and remember to bring a fire extinguisher & Qualifying certificate in food protection(Original)

For nonfood vendor Please send us this document by a week before of the event
・NYS certificate of authority
・Temporary Street Fair Vendor Permit
and remember to bring the Temporary street fair permit on the day.

※if you can't prepare above license, please let us know. We will help you.

Garbage: please carry to garbage area of the corner. black plastic bag (garbage) / transparent plastic bag (recycling). For Oil, it should be discarded from the moistened with the newspaper or something

Cancel policy:
before 1week from the event day, we are going to refund a half of booth fee.
within 1week, it cant be refunded.

Payment Method
Check Payable to : Japan Block Fair inc Capital One Bank, AC # 7527833382
or Mail to : 47-07 215th street Bayside NY 11361

Please contact me at any time if there are further questions!
Japan Block Fair INC: 47-07 215th street BAYSIDE, NY 11361 tel: 347-512-0849 Email:

Influencer Marketing
There will be media influencers at the event you are applying for. They will have a media pass and are given the ability to skip the line to trade a ticket at your vendor booth for one order of free food and in return they will promote your food and business on their social media account with a large following and reach. There will be no reimbursement for the free food you give to the media influencer. Check YES to participate in this or NO to decline.
Check YES to participate in this or NO to decline. *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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