Piggie Pals Rescue adoption application
The official adoption application for Piggie Pals Rescue in St. Albans, Hertfordshire!

Please email up to date photos of your set up/accommodation to: Piggiepalsrescue@gmail.com, we will not be able to continue the adoption process is these cannot/will not be provided. We can provide a list of cages and hutches that we personally recommend if needed.

* Please do not apply to adopt a single guinea pig, you will only be considered if you have (a) potential companion(s) for them to be bonded with.

* Guinea pigs will not be rehomed to people with unsuitable housing/husbandry, and will be told as such if we deem them an unsuitable match.

* We will not usually adopt out guinea pigs if they are intended to be given to children, as more often than not they get bored of maintaining their care. But we will definitely consider it depending on circumstances.

* If you have been short listed for adoption then we will get in contact with you as soon as we can, if you DO NOT hear back from us then unfortunately you have not been picked as a potential home. However this does not mean that you can't adopt from us in the future :)
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Which guinea pig(s) are you interested in adopting? If you’re not applying for a specific guinea pig/pair, you can leave a description of what you’re looking for. *
do you have (an)other guinea pig(s) at home? *
Have you ever owned guinea pigs before? *
do you have the appropriate accommodation for the guinea pig(s) (hutches, outdoor runs, etc.)                                                                                             Pictures of accommodation must be sent to piggpiepalsrescue@gmail.com to go forward with the adoption. If you do not have any accommodation at this time, then we can assist with what would be best. *
do you have any other animals in the home? *
If you checked yes for other animals above, please state which other pet(s) you have. *
Does anyone in the household have any pet/seasonal (hay fever, pollen etc.) allergies?
If yes, please list all know allergies and their severity below (type not applicable if there is no one with any allergies)
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