Research Request - Just Between Friends Waco Fall 2019
Thank you for letting us know about your missing item(s). We realize that there are a multitude of reasons why items may appear as 'missing' at Pick-Up:

The most common reason you don't have the item is that it SOLD, but we had problems scanning the item at check out so we manually entered the item. In this case, the amount the item sold for will appear in your Consignor check, but you will not see this on your tagging account online. (This means you get paid if it sold, but you just can't see it in your account.)

Many items 'magically' appear during the clean up process of the sale. With 4 registers going and then all being merged into one database more times than not items are found during this process. We take GREAT care during the clean up of the system for these reasons. Nicole will literally spend days going line by line for each sale and double checking EVERYTHING. She is overly cautious about this process and does not rush it.

Other times, the item could've been on our "Missing Tags" table or mixed in with our “Return to Consignor” items, but you missed it at Pick-Up. You would have initialed on your pick up form that you checked these areas. All of these unclaimed items were donated to our charity partners and can be written off on your tax return.

Before participating in our events each Consignor agrees to JBF's terms & conditions. This waiver states: I understand and agree that Just Between Friends is not responsible for fire, loss, theft, or damage to my sale items.

We want to remind you that this may, despite our best efforts and plans against it, happen. With that being said, we want you know that JBF did NOT take in any money for your missing items should they truly end up being missing after our research.

If you would like to submit a research request please answer the following questions. All submissions MUST be turned in by the first Tuesday after pickup by 8am after the event. Submissions will be investigated during the clean up process and you will be notified of the outcome as soon as we know anything. Nicole will personally contact you through email or phone to explain her findings of your requested item.

Because the process of investigating an item can take some time, please be patient with Nicole as she combs the records and unearths information. Nicole takes LOTS of time with each consignor's check and will not rush the process because she wants everyone to feel satisfied with their experience with JBF.

Thank you for your patience and allowing us to do our thorough audit of the sale.
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