Hallo, oaty friends!

Thank you so much for your interest in OatMAIL. We look forward to filling your mailbox with whatever we can fit into an envelope! OatMAIL will likely be some combination of little bits of writing, doodles, prints, and odds and ends that we find amusing or worth sharing. If you would like to contribute such things to be slipped into our batches of mail and copied for many other wonderful people like you, don't hesitate to send some offerings along!

We intend to personalize these little packages in some way or another and will figure this project out as we go along. Expect a parcel sealed with fiber and love at least near your birthday and every now and then, though! And we promise to keep all of your information completely confidential! We are incredibly trustworthy.

Go OatMAIL or go home,
The OatMAIL Assembling Team
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