Flutter Community Reimbursement Form
Please complete this form to be reimbursed for expenses that have been approved ahead of time by Nilay Yener. If you are not sure if your expense has been pre-approved or if you have other questions, please email nyener@google.com.

MK Partners issues payments within 10 business days from the approval of the expense submission.

For #hack19 reimbursements, please add "HACK19 REIMBURSEMENT + group name" to the "Expense Description"
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Could be a single expense or the total of multiple expenses (as long as you submit all receipts).
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We need this for verification, even if you choose an electronic payment method below.
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Unfortunately Google Wallet is no longer supported due to their Terms of Use
Receipt images
We need receipt images or PDFs for the total reimbursement amount. If you have multiple receipt images, please zip them into a single file.

Name the image or zip file in the pattern YYYY-MM-DD-XXX.XX, where YYYY-MM-DD is the date you submitted this form and XXX.XX is the total reimbursement amount. For example, if you submitted a zipped file with receipts totaling $720.50 on June 15 the file name would be "2016-06-15-720.50.zip".

Upload the image or zip file to the Drive folder:

For International Flutter Hackathon #hack19 reimbursements :
- Add group name to the folder (YYYY-MM-DD-XXX.XX - groupname) and upload receipts to : http://bit.ly/hack19-receipts
- Please add "HACK19 REIMBURSEMENT + group name" to the "Expense Description" on the form above
For other events :

To enable drag-and-drop uploading to the folder linked above, you will need to click the "Add to my Drive" and "Open in Drive" buttons. If you don't have access to the folder, just use the right link above and click the "Request access" option. You will receive an email from us confirming your access within a few days.
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