Submit Questions For: Cultural Literacy or Cultural Appropriation?

At WisCon 39 we're hosting a panel on "Cultural Literacy or Cultural Appropriation?" Here's the description:

In our diverse culture all thinking and reading individuals are influenced by a wide range of heritages, histories, and mythologies. Let's talk about how to articulate the boundaries and borders of what’s appropriative and what’s okay in fiction, dance, craft, and other art. In the end, who gets paid? And who gets propped up as an "expert"? In what ways can artists and creators engage with cultures without being harmful and destructive?

Discussions about cultural appropriation can be fraught. In order to minimize some of the problems that come up, we're soliciting questions ahead of time. Whether you're going to be in the audience or just following the hashtag (#LiteracyorAppropriation <-- Sat 5/24, 2:30–3:45 pm Central), this is your chance to ask those burning questions you have about CA but might be afraid to ask.

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