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Does anyone in the family have a known allergy to dogs?
Is everyone in agreement with the decision to adopt a dog?
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Do you have time to provide adequate love and attention?
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How would you plan to correct or train behavior, any particular behavior traits (barking, digging, etc.)?
City BSL Laws
Breed-specific legislation (BSL) is a law that bans OR restricts certain types of dogs based on their appearance, usually because they are perceived as “dangerous” breeds or types of dogs.
Does your city have BSL Laws?
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If your city does have BSL Laws, please explain.
Other Pets
What other pets do you have (specify type and number)?
Are these pets up to date on vaccines?
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Are these pets spayed/neutered?
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If your pets do not have vaccinations or are not spayed and neutered...why?
Have you every surrendered a pet?
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Have you ever had a pet euthanized?
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If you have had your pet euthanized... why?
Have you ever lost a pet to an accident?
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Please fill out this area as complete as possible. Providing GLBB with this information you are allowing GLBB to call your vet. Please call your vet and ask them to authorize the release of information to GLBB.
Do you have a regular veterinarian?
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About the Dog You Wish to Adopt
What is your idea of an ideal dog and why?
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Where will the dog spend the day?
 Where will the dog spend the night?
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Who will have primary responsibility for this dog's daily care?
Who will have financial responsibility for this dog?
Do you agree to provide regular health care by a Licensed Veterinarian?
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Do you agree to keep the dog as an indoor dog?
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When the dog goes out, how do you plan to supervise it?
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Are you willing to let a representative of GLBB visit your home by appointment?
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How did you hear about GLBB?
Would you be interested in fostering?
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Personal References (optional)
Please list someone who is familiar with both you and your pets.
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Relationship (relative, neighbor, friend, etc.):
Relationship (relative, neighbor, friend, etc.):
All of the information I have given is true and complete. This dog will reside in my home as a pet. I will provide it with quality dog food, plenty of fresh water, indoor shelter, affection, annual physical examination, heartworm preventative and vaccinations under the supervision of a licensed Veterinarian.
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