Craniosacral Children's Wellness Collective's Infant Clinic
Due to the current STAY AT HOME ORDER in CA, our service has temporarily been suspended. As soon as the our state and local boards allow us to see clients again, we will re-open the clinic. Please take care in the meantime. We look forward to working with you and your family in the future.

Thank you for your interest in receiving Craniosacral for your little one. Our Collective gives these sessions as a service to the community. We give care in groups of two therapists ( as the schedule allows ). After our time treating babies, we give case presentations as a way to learn from each other and better ourselves as practitioners. We are all trained and experienced with working with babies and have licenses in our respective credentialing bodies. We give our time to serve you, your baby, and our profession. If you feel called to give a donation, we will use it to feed practitioners lunch during our case presentations and toward promotional materials.

We are osteopaths, chiropractors, craniosacral therapists, doulas, midwives, massage therapists and nurses that do this work for a living. We chose to give this service as a way to broaden accessibility to those in need.

Please complete this form to RSVP. This clinic is run on volunteers' time. Expect a response one week prior to the clinic date. You are only registered if you receive an email back during that week. We will send an email with details, instructions, and directions a few days before the clinic takes place. Email questions about to Andrea

If you are in need of craniosacral work sooner than later, please contact professionals in your area to receive a session as soon as possible.

Sessions are 50 minutes and by appointment.
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This Infant Wellness Clinic is in no way a substitute for Primary Physician Care through your medical provider. All therapy requires continuity of care from a qualified professional. This monthly clinic is not intended to be the primary source of care for you infant. It is very important that you take the follow up care recommendations from the therapist you work with in this clinic. If you are returning to the clinic with your infant for multiple sessions, we will require that you have been receiving the appropriate follow up care in the weeks between the monthly clinic offerings. Please check the box below indicating you have read and accept these terms of care. Thank you so much!
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Has your baby started crawling?
This clinic is for babies that haven't started crawling. The spaces that are donated to our clinic are not suitable for crawling babies and toddlers. Please leave older children with another adult.
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Have you attended one of our Infant Wellness Clinics in the past?
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What is your child's First Name?
How old will your child be on the day of the clinic?
Clinics are held on the second sunday of the month
What concerns can we address in the session?
feeding, digestive complaints, birth story
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What time do you prefer? *
3 to 4 sessions take place each hour at 11am and noon. We sometimes have 10am appointments for class demonstration.
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almost all communication will be by email, phone will be used as an exception
Which clinic would you like to register for? *
We alternate between San Francisco and the East Bay
Please NOTE: This is only a sign up. It does not ensure a space in the clinic. You will not receive confirmation of sign up. We will only contact you about a week prior to the clinic if you have a space. We often have a waitlist. Thank you for your understanding!
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