VPA String Orchestra Registration 2017-2018
Thank you for choosing to be part of the VPA family of performers! We are looking forward to a year of joy and fulfillment in our strings program where you have the opportunity to learn in an orchestra setting playing violin, viola, cello or bass. We appreciate you taking time to register now and then sending in your prompt payment of tuition fees when you have received your invoice. We strive to keep these fees as low as possible and still be financially viable to continue doing what we do. The efforts of many volunteers and the friendships between teachers, students and families are what make VPA special. You are what makes VPA awesome. Thank you! Please fill out the following information knowing that it will be used exclusively for planning and serving our class members to the best of our ability. Rest assured we will not share your information with outside entities or use it for non-VPA business.
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No auditions are required.
The VPA Strings Program is for 3rd-12th grade students.

Beginning Strings is a 75 minute class for students with 0-2 years experience. Intermediate / Advanced Orchestra is a 90 minute class for students with 2+ years experience.

If you have questions regarding which class to register for, email the director here at strings@vpafoundation.org.

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Music is included with tuition, however, rental or purchase of instrument and sturdy, solid, black music stand is required and can be obtained through many local music stores or online.
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Tuition for the VPA strings program should be paid in full before the second class with a grace period of one week, after which students will not be allowed to attend class until fees are resolved.

In order to plan for the year and to be able to continue to serve our wonderful students, we must enforce this deadline.

Tuition rates are based on class size and for year-long participation therefore all VPA tuitions are non-refundable even for students who discontinue mid-year.

Please note that tuition may change slightly dependent upon enrollment numbers. We are happy to work with you for financial assistance if needed. **Beginning Strings $400; **Intermediate/Advanced Orchestra $460.

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Polo Shirt & Recital Attire
Black polo shirts cost $15 and have a VPA Strings logo on it. They are to be worn during all performances. They are a required, non-refundable purchase that can be reused each year if properly maintained and if it still fits. Students are asked to supply black pants/skirt, black shoes and black socks for performances.
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