Parents, please fill out the form for your child to register for the 2018 Invent Idaho STATE Finals.
CHECK-IN PROJECTS and optional University tours with Science demonstrations: FRIDAY: MARCH 2: Noon - 5PM Pacific time. The Science demonstrations are outstanding!
All team members must register separately.
Inventor's FIRST Name *
Type the child's first name.
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Type the child's last name
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Grade Division *
Select the grade division the young inventor is in school. Select only one choice. Must match the grade division won at Regional event. If team members, must enter the highest grade of any team member.
Category *
Select only one choice. Invention Category may not change from the one in which your child won at the Regional event.
Team? *
Was your child's invention created by a team of students? If yes, each student must register separately, even if not attending the State Finals.
Team Members' Names
If you answered "Yes" to the team question, please list all other team members' names. If not a part of a team, skip this question. Each team member must register separately even if not attending.
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Name of Invention *
Type the name of the child's invention. This is the title of the invention as you want it listed in any publications.
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Region *
Select the Invent Idaho Regional event your child attended. Check only one. North Idaho = Coeur d' Alene; ;;Southwestern=Boise; Southeastern=Pocatello
School *
What is the name of the young inventor's school? Indicate HOME or INDIVIDUAL if you are NOT affiliated with a school invention program.
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Parent Phone Number *
Please provide a phone number that you check regularly, so that we may provide last minute details about the event if necessary. Include area code. No phone numbers will ever be given out without your permission.
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Parent Email *
Please provide an email address that you check regularly, so that we may provide State Finals details if necessary.
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Please re-type the same email again for consistency.
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I Cubed Challenge *
Will you be entering the national ON-LINE I Cubed Challenge with the 2018 theme of "Well Being" inventions? Winners will be announced in Summer 2018. Visit for more information.
National Invention Convention *
15 Invent Idaho State Finalists, as selected by a separate panel of judges, will receive the opportunity to compete at the National Invention Convention to be held at the Henry Ford in Dearborn, Michigan, May 31-June 3, 2018. If your child is selected, do you and your child plan to attend? A $500 scholarship will be provided to each of the 15 attendees.
Science Demonstrations and Tours *
How many family members will attend the University of Idaho Science and Engineering Demonstrations and Tours on Friday, March 2 from 1:00-4:00 PM? Type the number below. If none, type 0.
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Ice Cream Social *
How many family members will eat ice cream during the ice cream social to be held immediately following the awards ceremony? Type the number below. If none, type 0. Allergies? Please email if serious allergies.
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Electricity? *
Does your child's invention require electricity? Note: you must provide your own extension cords.
Description of Invention *
Please type ONE SENTENCE summarizing the problem your child's invention solves and a basic description of how it works. This will be published in the awards ceremony brochure. Begin your sentence with the NAME OF YOUR INVENTION. Please check all spelling. Example: The "Curiosity Invention" is a kit of materials that will inspire children to invent.
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Optional. For research purposes only.
Geographic Home
Optional. For research purposes only.
Media Release
By submitting this registration, Parent/Guardian gives permission for their young inventor's picture and/or name to be given to the media for purposes of promoting Invent Idaho and/or its parent non-profit I Cubed Inventions, Inc, and/or the National Invention Convention.This includes book, magazine, newspaper, website, Facebook, or other media. I understand that there will be no payment for or monies given for any such use. NO child's address will ever be given out. Their school may be listed.Parents who believe their child's invention may be marketable may want to obtain a provisional patent to protect the idea. Visit U.S. Patent Office website for information.Note: pictures will be taken of all winners on stage, audience and young inventors, which may be viewed in media,Facebook, You Tube, or other formats.
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