Cohort 21 - Action Plan Status Update
Cohort members - Happy new year! I hope this survey finds you well and rested after a great holiday break. In just two weeks we will be meeting again for our third face to face session. This day @ MaRS will be focused entirely around supporting and further refining your action plans. To that end we need you to fill out this survey so that we can group you accordingly. This feedback will also be very useful for the coaches and facilitators to quickly refresh themselves with your projects and where you would like support. Please fill it in before Friday January 13th so we can have the week to review the data prior to our F2F. We are very excited about connecting again on the 20th and look forward to another great day of learning, laughing and connecting.
What is your first and last name?
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Please rephrase your action plan through the lens of a "How might we..?" question.
If you created a HMW question during our last F2F session that you are happy with please include it here. If your HMW question and Action Plan has changed or pivoted since that time please input the most recent version here. Don't worry if it is not perfect or fully articulate of your Action Plan we just want a snapshot of where you thinking is now so we can better support you on the day.
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What group does your Action Plan mostly closely align with?
To better support you on Jan 20th we would like to re-group the cohort into areas that broadly align with everyone's action plans. While not perfect these broad categories cover the main themes found within your action plans. Please select one that you feel most closely aligns with yours.
What personalized support would you like to receive on Jan 20th?
We are designing a day all around you and your action plans needs. To that end we want you to advocate for your own learning. Try and articulate what questions you have and the resources and support you would require to answer them. What expertise would be most helpful in supporting those questions? We will do our best to build a network of people around the support you articulate here.
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