Research Ecosystem Review
Oct 5: This survey is currently focused on Res Integrity and Compliance, and will be updated later to fit other working groups as we hear from them.
Oct 11: Invited all CCAS faculty for input on post-award (asked the CCAS Res Adv Council on Oct 8)
Oct 16: Email (from Bill Briscoe on behalf of Pre-award Working Group) to PIs asking for feedback on Pre-Award.
Oct 17. ADR Review on Res Integrity / Compliance (sent to the working comm on Oct 15) was shared w CCAS faculty. Additional comments can be sent to Kimberly Acquaviva at
Oct 22 Email from Valentina Harizanov (CCAS representatie of the Post-Award process group) was sent to CCAS faculty and staff asking for input in
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