Beta Signup for Star Command (Original Game)

Here you can sign up to beta test star command within one or more App Store platforms (currently sign up is only required for Apple's iOS platform and Microsoft's Windows Store platform). These require additional setup through each store. This doesn't guarantee you'll receive beta testing builds, but we will try to support as many testers as we can. If you have questions please let us know through:

• Forums -
• Twitter -
• Facebook -
• Email -

• Beta Info -
• Warballoon Blog -

We are also interested if you want to let us know that you are testing the Desktop or Android builds we've already put up on our beta web page. We will try to keep you informed through the forums (frequently), Facebook/Twitter (less frequent), and email only for specific purposes.

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    iOS Beta Testing

    • iPhone (4,4S,5,5S,6,6+) • iPad (all non-1st gen) • iPod Touch (5th Gen)
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    Windows Universal Store Beta Testing

    • Windows Phone 8.1 • Windows Tablet (SurfaceRT/SurfacePro/WindowsRT) • Windows 8 Store Desktop ("Metro" App)
    Must be a valid email address
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    Comments and Feedback

    If you have anything else you want to tell us, please feel free to write any comments, suggestions, or complaints. Or tell us a joke or a tale of commandeering your ship through the Star Command universe.
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