Fall 2018 One Million Woman Link Up Registration
The One Million Woman Link Up is the ultimate movement for collaborative spirited business and professional women who want to expand their business reach on LinkedIn. Its mission is to spark collaborative marketing relationships between 1,000,000 professional, Main Street & virtual business women so they can thrive INSTEAD OF just survive by cross pollinating their marketing skills and female LinkedIn connections.

Main Street business and professional women will be able to access the invaluable online marketing skills of local virtual business women to push their monthly marketing messages on LinkedIn, Twitter, G+, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

In return, they will provide virtual business women with physical space to gain access to foot traffic (they can hand out info or gift bags, give special events, etc.) and offline marketing exposure in their press releases, signage on their counter, inserts in shopping bags, etc., to drive traffic to their web sites.

Involvement is complimentary. The "fee" for participating in activities and events is inviting two of your female LinkedIn connections to join the One Million Woman Link Up. All of the exciting details: http://collaborativebusinessmatch.com/2018-one-million-woman-link/

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Educational online and in-person events will be held to help women get the most out of LinkedIn.
Who are your “Five to Thrive”? *
If you could cross market / promote with 5 niche business/corporate individuals today who could open business doors for your business, what industries or niche markets would they be a part of? Example: Real estate agent that specializes military families , financial planner that specializes in teachers, business coach specializing in women over 50, virtual assistant that specializes in authors, Pinterest coach specializing in art dealers.
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What are you bringing to the table to make it worthwhile collaborating with you? *
We are not looking for women to get involved in the One Million Woman Link Up and simply fade away into the woodwork. We are looking for women that we can work side by side with engaging in win win partnerships.
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What do you want to get out of your involvement in the One Million Woman Link Up? *
Help us shape the movement to fit the specialized needs of women in your industry.
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Save the Date: Sept. 24 - Oct. 15, 2018 ... 100 Biz Women You Can Collaborate With on Small Business Saturday
A list of 100 business women to collaborate with on Small Business Saturday (Nov. 24) is being put together as part of the launch of SmartWomenPartner.com, the new home of the One Million Woman Link Up. It will include your name, company and list of your Five to Thrive (niche specific types of women owned companies) along with a link to your LinkedIn profile. In order to be a part of the list, you must take part in the Smart Women Partner & Shop Local Roundtable Sept. 24 - Oct. 15.
The roundtable will be held on a private pop up group similar to a Facebook or LinkedIn group but with more bells and whistles. Just like with any online group, you can log in and out at your leisure to respond to the discussion topics. In short, you don’t have to worry about not being able to participate due to business and personal obligations. Receive a bolded listing by inviting two female business associates to participate.
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Things You Would to Accomplish Within the Next 6 Months
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We may be able to connect you with someone from our network who can help you accomplish your goal(s)
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Do you supply a product or service that correlates to one or more of the goals listed above? *
If yes, you may be invited by to engage in collaborative marketing activities to position yourself in front of One Million Woman Link Up participants who expressed an interest in your type of business. It's one of the many perks of the new Millionairess Circle launching in October 2018.
New Millionairess Circle for One Million Woman Link Up Participants Who Have 7 Figure Goals
Work together to build the visibility of the One Million Woman Link Up AND each other's personal business ventures through joint weekly activities with founder Jerrilynn B. Thomas utilizing LinkedIn's publishing platform, updates, groups, Company Pages, Slideshare, video, etc. It takes less than 10 minutes a week to engage in collaborative marketing activities.

Receive advance invites to submit content for the One Million Woman Link Up's YouTube channel, Twitter account, Facebook Page, LinkedIn Company Page, Instagram account, etc. You just checked off things you would like to accomplish within the next 6 months -- hire a business coach, buy a home, get plastic surgery, get a speaking engagement, start a business, etc.

The major perk of being a part of the Millionairess Circle is having your business specials positioned in front of One Million Woman Link Up participants who are interested in the products and services provided by your type of business. Involvement is exclusively for women who select one of packages below.

REQUIREMENT: Must be a vested participant. Whether you purchase a micro-spotlight package (minimum $20 early bird) or the more expansive sponsorship package ($199) listed below this section, you are welcome to request a spot in the Millionairess Circle. If you select to purchase a spotlight or sponsorship package and don't follow through without contacting Jerrilynn to alert her, you may not be able to join at a later date.

Would you like to be a part of the Millionairess Circle?
If so, then select one of the budget friendly spotlight or sponsorship options below this section.
Early Bird Micro Advertising Opportunities & Sponsorship Packages Offer Instant Invite to Join the Millionairess Circle
MICRO SPOTLIGHTS: Attract collaborative marketing partnership offers while driving traffic to your web site, LinkedIn profile and LinkedIn Company Page by having your business introduction shared with the other One Million Woman Link Up participants. You can strategically hold on to your spotlights until the One Million Woman Link Up is in full swing so you can get more bang for your bucks.

SPONSORSHIP: Early bird Sponsorship Packages are available for $199 if purchased within 24 hours of joining the One Million Woman Link Up. After that, the cost is $399. Includes ...

* Prominent inclusion in 2 – 30 day joint marketing campaign with One Million Woman Link Up. Includes virtual and tele-strategy sessions to facilitate networking, campaign development and collaboration between sponsors. ($300 value)

* 12 week – 3 line promo included in the welcome email sent out when new participants sign up. ($150 value).

* Micro advertising package that includes 2 spotlights. ($75 value)

* Featured One Million Woman Link Up participant for 3 months on new info page on SmartWomenPartner.com and sign up form.

* Participation and leadership role in 6 monthly Smart Women Partner & Get Rich! Events … includes sitting on roundtable panels, guest expert during private masterminds, etc. ($300 value).

* Featured spot in business / corporate story showcase on SmartWomenPartner.com.

Micro Spotlight Packages Allow You to Introduce Your Biz to Other One Million Woman Link Up participants
The introductory cost is ONLY $10 per micro spotlight, instead of $25 per spotlight (fee will steadily rise as we grow). The minimum purchase is two spotlights, $20. You can hold on to your spotlights until the movement picks up momentum. You will receive an invoice from Invoice Ninja that must be paid within 24 hours of receipt in order to receive the introductory rate. You will also be added to Smart Women Partner & Grow Rich! community on Slack so you can stay on top of alliance opportunities.
Sponsorship Package: Sample All of the PR & Advertising Opportunities Provided by the One Million Woman Link Up
The early bird rate for the sponsorship package is only $199 (reg. $249) for new participants. The budget friendly package provides advertising, marketing and PR so you can experience the full collaborative genius of the One Million Woman Link Up. You have 12 months to use up all the components of the sponsorship package. A list of what you get is posted above. Invoices must be filled within 24 hours to get the introductory rate.
I understand that by adding myself to the One Million Woman Link Up, I will be added to your mailing listing. *
I understand that the "fee" for participating in activities and events is inviting two of my female LinkedIn connections to join the One Million Woman Link Up *
Quickly Connect Up With Some of Our Participants - Tell them Jerrilynn recommended you connect
CRYSTAL MITCHELL- Mitchell Business Consulting Solutions: Business professional with a successful 27 year track record of operating a small business which specializes in providing services to business owners of start-up companies, small to medium business and non-profit organizations in designing business plans, developing marketing strategies, creating strategic marketing plans, public speaking and training. https://www.linkedin.com/in/cymitchell/

KRISTA BORDNER - Handle Your Own PR: Handle Your Own PR is committed to empowering entrepreneurs, small businesses and innovators to manage their own PR, and to grow as a result. What started as a PR education tool evolved into an end-to-end resource that provides the tools people need across the entire PR process. https://www.linkedin.com/in/krista-bordner/

LINDA MURRAY BULLARD - LSMB Business Solutions, LLC: Specialize in working with startups (business < 5 years old) and forward thinking individuals who are ready to "next level" in their careers or in general. http://Get The Business.org

ATHENA EMERT GRAY - AEG&Co: With 20+ years of project management, process development and creating business efficiencies, her expertise lies in helping entrepreneurs plan and execute with ease. The systems help you get more done in a shorter period of a greater rate of execution and completion. Join The Driven Entrepreneur Facebook Group and get a FREE business productivity audit ebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/253601501843153/ https://aegandco.com

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