Facility Request
A Facility Request form must be completed for any use of a parish facility. Rebekah Thompson, Executive Assistant, will contact you if the space, date and time can be confirmed.
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Information on Deadlines:
Meetings=10 days | Special Events=30 days | Retreats=60 days

Benedict Hall = at least 30 days due to security, Elevator access, HVAC, requirements with Childress Klein. St Peter leases the spaces in Benedict Hall and is required to give them advance notice of meeting occupancy.

All Facility Requests are to be made with Rebekah Thompson in the parish office. 

Facility and Scheduling Policy
As facility requests increase, we all need to work together by respecting the property with which we have been so blessed. Ministries and groups are responsible for preparing and serving food and beverage at events.

If your group is planning any speaker from outside the parish, the name and title of the speaker must first be submitted to Fr. Shea before any invitation is made.

• If your meeting or activity requires the use of keys, please contact Rebekah Thompson at 704.332.2901 ext 212 to sign out keys or swipe card.

• The St Peter's campus is shared space. Please be respectful of others meeting on the campus. Loud or lengthy conversations should not be conducted in the hallways.

• Children must never be left unattended. All children must be supervised by a parent or authorized adult.

• Do not prop or otherwise alter any exterior door to stay open unattended. By doing this you compromise the rights and safety of everyone in the building.

• Upon completion of the meeting or activity, the room must be returned to its original set up. Tables, chairs, chalk/whiteboards should be wiped clean, trash cans emptied. Lights should be turned off

• Rooms are not equipped to accommodate storing meeting material. All material should be removed immediately at the close of each meeting or event.

• Please remove any food and drinks immediately at the close of each meeting and event. Benedict, Biss Hall and Ignatius House kitchen: refrigerators and freezers cannot accommodate left over food and drinks. If your ministry has permission to store food or drinks in any refrigerator or freezer all items MUST BE LABELED.

• Paper and plastic products (plates, cups, plastic ware, etc.) are available in the kitchens for use by St. Peter ministries. Please let Ted Hughes know if you will be using these products, so any used products can be resupplied.

• Security video cameras are strategically placed to monitor vandalism and to provide a safe environment for all.

• Report any problems or breakage, etc. to the Facilities Manager IMMEDIATELY! Ted Hughes 704.315.7471.

Reserving space at St. Peter implies agreement to abide by the guidelines set forth in the “Facility Scheduling Policy". For security reasons and because of multiple room request, if you cancel your event please notify Rebekah Thompson at 704.332.2901 ext. 212, as soon as possible. Thank you!

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