La Grande Drives Registration Form and Policies

Welcome to the La Grande School District Driver and Traffic Safety Education Program (La Grande Drives!).
Please take the time to discuss the program and policies to make sure it is a good fit for you and your student. Many of the requirements for this course are based on state law (O.R.S. 737-015-0030 to ORS 737-015-0130) or Oregon Dept. of Transportation requirements and cannot be adjusted based on personal needs. Please make sure everyone understands the commitments you are making in this program. If there are any specific questions about the program, contact Matt Wolcott (Program Coordinator) - 541-663-3326 or Scott Carpenter (Program Administrator) - 541-663-3203.

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Session Size
1.The minimum class size is 20 students with a maximum of 30. LGSD may offer two classes per session if justified by enrollment and class size.
2. If we do not have sufficient sign-up to offer a class during a session, we will notify parents and students and provide a full refund before the start of the session, if so requested.
3. Enrollment will be based on a first-come, first-served basis in order of registration. Once classes are full, students will be placed on a waiting list for the next session in the order they attempted registration.
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Course Completion Requirements
1. Enrollment packet filled out and turned in with all fees paid.
2. 30 hours of classroom attendance
3. 12 hours of drive time instruction of which 6 hours is behind the wheel instruction and 6 hours is observation (2 classes or 6 hours of classroom instruction completed before drive time is allowed)
4. All assignments/exams completed and turned in
5. Parent drive practice sheet completed and turned in prior to Final Exam. (Minimum of 5 hours)
6. Pass the Final Exam with an 80% or higher
7. Students will be allowed to retake the written or driving exam at a cost of $35.00 per test until the student completes the course within the specified time limits.
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Benefits of Driver’s Education
1. Students that successfully complete the course will not be required to take another drive skills test at the DMV to get their license.
2. Students will have practiced and successfully demonstrated skills of a safe driver in a variety of circumstances.
3. According to, teens who complete an approved driver’s ed course save about 15 percent annually on their car insurance and a 21 percent lower crash rate.
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Course Fees
1. Tuition ($250) is expected to be paid in full prior to or at the State Mandated Parent Orientation. The state is requiring that students complete driver education prior to receiving a driver license or turning 18 years of age in order to qualify for the state DMV test waver card or F/R discounts. So if you already possess a license (or are 18-21 yrs. of age), or prior to completing the entire course you will get a license (or turn 18), then you are required to pay the entire $460 fee as you will not qualify for state reimbursements which help pay for the program.
2. You may drop with full reimbursement after attending the parent/teen orientation class as long as your intention to drop is made before attending the following class called “Module 1.” However, no reimbursement of funds will be made after attending “Module 1.” The state limits the numbers of students who can take this course each session so by signing up you prevent others from being in the class and that is the reason for this “loss of refund” policy.
3. Students with a current Free/Reduced Lunch Application qualify for $75 discount making enrollment fee $175, but must communicate with program coordinator prior to the first session to get this reduced fee rate.
4. Lastly, there is a $35 fee for missing a drive session without communicating with your instructor before the assigned drive (See Drive Time No-Shows Section)
5. Driver’s Education Fee cover costs of coordinator, instructors, facilities, cars, fuel, course supplies and other necessary costs associated with driver’s education program only.
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Course Duration
1. Classroom sessions are scheduled three times a year: Spring (Feb - May); Summer (June - Aug); Fall (September - November). Each session begins with a required parent/teen orientation. The school-year weekday classes will generally be held one day during the week from 6 to 9 P.M. Each session will be followed by a “make-up” class as needed. All scheduling of classes and drive times will be made in the order applications are received at La Grande HS by the program coordinator
2. Traffic Safety education programs cannot be completed in less than 35 days and no more than 180 days. An extension may be granted for compelling reasons dealing with school, family, or medical circumstances and has been agreed upon with provider and student before completion of the course.
3. The state requires a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction covering the knowledge, habits and attitudes necessary to operate a motor vehicle safely. We offer a 33 hour class so that one class (or up to 3 hours) may be missed without jeopardizing your ability to pass on time. To pass the classroom phase the student must complete 4 projects, and earn an 80% or better average on quizzes and a final exam. Attendance at every class session is encouraged, and if any class is missed, the quiz that was missed will be made up during the make-up class.
4. Summer Exception: The classroom portion of a driver education program offered during Summer Session (June-August) may be conducted over a shorter period of time and for longer hours. The classroom instruction must be conducted over no less than a three-week period with no more than 10 hours of classroom instruction per week.
5. At the first 3 hour class of each new session, a parent or guardian is required to accompany the student. Driving times will be scheduled during this first class, so we encourage you, if possible, to identify a driving partner prior to coming and to work out which days of the week are best for you to schedule your drive times.
6. All students will be scheduled to begin the behind-the-wheel phase after attending the second MODULE (class following the parent/teen class). Student pairs will complete a two hour drive in a driver education vehicle once every two weeks (or once each week during the summer). We try hard to work around your busy schedule but you should be prepared to make some modifications in your normal schedule.
7. All students must complete a minimum of six hours of behind-the-wheel instruction not to exceed 90 minutes of driving per day per student and 120 minutes within 7 consecutive days. Behind -the-wheel instructional objectives must correspond with topics covered during classroom instruction. Behind-the-wheel instruction and practice Behind-the-wheel instruction and practice observation of a particular skill or behavior may not precede the classroom instruction of that same skill or behavior.
8. The course (including the driving) is normally completed within a few weeks of the end of each classroom session. However, the state requires that both the classroom and behind-the-wheel portions be passed within a period not exceeding 6 months from the starting date of the class. If extenuating circumstances come up (like medical emergencies) then we allow students to restart the course, when possible, at no added cost.
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The Oregon Department of Transportation, Transportation Safety Division will not authorize a certificate if the student has not successfully completed 30 hours of classroom instruction and 12 hours of in-car training (6 hours of driving and 6 hours supervised observation). Students who do not successfully complete the necessary hours will not receive a certificate of completion. Successful completion of this course requires a passing grade of 80% in the classroom and development of safe driving skills behind-the-wheel, but also a good attitude and a demonstration of responsibility by appearing for class on time, every time. Please review your calendar to ensure there is no conflict.
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Drive Time No-Shows (No Permit)
1. Students receive 6-two hour time slots for driving/observing. The student must notify their BTW instructor 24 hours in advance if they will be unable to make their scheduled drive time. Any student showing up for a scheduled drive time without their permit will not be allowed to drive/observe and will be counted as a no-show. The student will not be allowed to drive again until they show a valid permit and their no-show fee has been paid ($35.00)
2. DRIVER EDUCATION VEHICLES WILL NOT WAIT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES PAST THE APPOINTED TIME FOR TARDY STUDENTS. If a student misses the car, he/she will be considered absent (Unexcused).
By initialing below, I agree to the Drive Time No-Shows (No Permit) Rule *
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Driver’s Ed Vehicle
Driver’s Ed vehicles will be maintained by La Grande School District and comply with requirements listed in O.R.S. 737-015-0050.
By initialing below, I acknowledge the above statement *
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Driver’s Ed Instructors
1. La Grande School District Driver will ensure that all instructors meet the qualifications of an Approved ODOT-TSD Traffic Education Instructor per O.R.S. 737-015-0070 meaning they must:
a. Have a valid approved instructor certification card issued by ODOT-TSD is required to teach, conduct classes, give demonstrations or supervise the practice of students in an approved program.

To be eligible for an approved instructor certification card, or to renew a certification card, an individual must:
b. Submit to ODOT-TSD a completed application on a form provided by the Division;
c. Be 21 years of age, or older;
d. Have completed and passed the required instructor training series;
e. Have valid Oregon driving privileges or valid driving privileges from a state adjacent to Oregon, if the individual is a legal resident of that state and has had valid driving privileges for at least three years preceding the date an application is submitted to ODOT-TSD. To be valid, driving privileges may not be suspended, revoked, canceled, or otherwise withdrawn for a traffic crime as defined in 737-015-0020(30). For purposes of these OAR 737 division 15 rules, a hardship or probationary permit does not constitute valid driving privileges;
f. With initial application, provide a DMV five-year certified court print driving record dated within the past 60 days. An instructor who has not held Oregon driving privileges for the five-year period is required to submit a certified driving record from a jurisdiction or foreign government that issued driving privileges during that period.

By initialing below, I acknowledge the Driver's Ed Instructors statement *
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Working Alone with Students
Instructors are not allowed to be alone with students in any private situations, including a driver’s education vehicle. Instructors will make sure there is another adult, a parent, or another student who could act as a witness within the vicinity when they are working individually with a student. If the situation arises that the instructor is going to be alone in a car with a student, the drive will be cancelled unless the parent/guardian elects to ride along during the drive time. Instructors, parents and students will support one another in meeting this requirement for a safe environment.
By initialing below, I agree to the Working Alone with Students Policy *
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Driving Behavior Expectations
1. No food or beverages at any time.
2. The driver-training car should be as clean when you leave it, as it was when you arrived.
3. Drive time begins promptly at scheduled times.
4. Absences must be pre-excused.
5. No electronic devices permitted
By initialing below, I agree to the Driving Behavior Expectations *
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Impaired Students
A student who comes to class after consuming alcohol or other drugs is in violation of Oregon state law. Any student who appears to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs, or is impaired in any way, will be immediately removed from the class/behind-the-wheel lab and parents will be called to pick up their student. Appropriate school discipline will be conducted which may include referral to law enforcement as this is a district sponsored course governed by school board policies. If the student/parents want to continue the course, a meeting must be scheduled with the student, parents, instructors and program coordinators. If the student is removed from the program, no fees will be refunded.
By initialing below, I agree to the Impaired Students Policy *
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1. If your child is involved in any crash/accident during their drive time, appropriate action will be taken and the parents/guardians will be notified.
2. While participating in the Driver's Education Program, your student is a permissive user of a La Grande School District vehicle. As such, they are covered by the District's insurance program and are subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions that apply to all District employees.
3. Reckless or unsafe driving will not be tolerated and may result in discipline up to and including dismissal from tehe program.
By initialing below, I agree to the Crashes/Accidents Statement *
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By signing below you acknowledge that you have read, understand, and will follow the above information, rules, and expectations for the La Grande School District Driver’s Ed Program (La Grande Drives!) and have enrolled in this non-credit, ODOT approved, Driver Education course.

Driving is an activity with inherent risks. As driver education instructors we will teach the skills of risk management as they relate to safely operating a motor vehicle. Failure to sign or maintain any part of the outline program requirements may result in termination from the course.

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