Testify to Eliminate Minimum Parking Requirements in Mixed Use Zones
After an impressive amount of testimony was sent in to ask City Council to eliminate rent-increasing, anti-housing, climate-changing parking requirements we believe that there will be an amendment to do so offered on or around November 4th. Written testimony will be accepted prior to November 17th and there will be a hearing on November 17th at 2PM.

If everyone who sent in a letter last month does so again, we have a good shot at seeing this reform happen. If we can DOUBLE that testimony, we will have a GREAT shot.

Let us know now if you can help!

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This is easy and will only take a few minutes. As soon as we know the amendment is truly on the table, we will send out a fact sheet to help you send in your email. A few lines from your own heart are all that is needed!
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This isn't as scary as it seems. We can help sign you up ahead of time and help you prepare testimony. It's very interesting and empowering to attend a hearing and speak to City Council.
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If you can't testify in person, there are a few other ways you can really help out.
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