L'eau Est La Vie Camp Application

L'eau Est La Vie! Water Is Life!

We invite Water Protectors to join us in the fight to stop the Bayou Bridge Pipeline at the L'eau Est La Vie Camp. Due to security and safety concerns and limited capacity at camp, we require that anyone who would like to join us to fill out this application.

Background: L'eau Est La Vie Camp is located in the heart of the South Louisiana swamps. We are coming together in prayer and resistance to protect our way of life from Energy Transfer Partners' proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline. This is an indigenous-led camp and we require that all allies follow and respect this leadership. People of all genders, races, sexual orientations, religions and nonbelievers, and ages are welcome here.

The physical conditions of this camp are very intense and thus we require all prospective participants to go through a thorough vetting process. Here is the a step-by-step process for applying to camp:

Step 1: Application: we will review these applications on a rolling basis. Due to the constantly changing situation on the ground, we have no set timeframe for following up with applicants. We will follow up as the needs require us to bring in more water protectors. We are grateful for your patience and understanding.

**While your application is being processed, we ask that you take time to learn more about the Bayou Bridge struggle. At the end of this application, there is a link to a reading/video list**

Step 2: Phone Interview: after we've vetted your application, if we think you are a good fit for camp we will invite you to do a phone interview.

Step 3: Training: if we determine after the phone interview and checking your references that you are a good fit for camp, we will require you to participate in the following trainings. Some of these will be conducted via webinar and others in person:
- Anti-Oppression
- Non-Violent Direct Action
- Swamp survival skills training

Step 4: Arriving at camp: We will work with you one-on-one on your arrival plan. The camp is communal living and we will do our best to meet everyone's physical needs at camp. However, at this time we are not able to offer any assistance with travel costs getting to camp.

Please note: even if you are accepted to camp, that does not grant you permission to come at anytime. Please work with our team on an arrival/departure plan. The swamps are ecologically sensitive and we can only handle a limited number of water protectors at a time. Again, we are grateful for your patience with the process and your willingness to respect local leadership that is facilitating this process.

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