are you cold?
A short survey on AIRCON in Singapore

Help us make a case to increase the set temperature of aircons in public spaces by #up2degrees.
Answer the below 4 questions so we can understand how many of us are too cold and where exactly! With your answers, we'll work with our topology and mapping partners to draw a 'cold' map of Singapore and share it with the authorities for them to take the necessary actions. Your personal details are strictly confidential and will NEVER be shared.

Do you sometimes complain that your office, shopping mall, public transport or home aircon are too cold? *
Where is the overuse of aircon making you feel the most cold? *
In which building were you when you last complained about being too cold due to too much aircon? (please be specific eg. Plaza Singapura 3rd floor / Mapletree Business City) *
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What prevented you from turning up the aircon temperature? (eg. centralised aircon control) *
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Where are you from originally?
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How many years have you lived in Singapore?
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