HopeMatch Group Volunteer Application
This application is only for groups of more than 5 people who would like to volunteer in the HopeMatch Headquarters during our holiday operations between 12/2-12/13.

We will be offering Group Volunteering during the following times for the 2019 season:
Wednesday, 12/4: 10am-Noon (8 spots left)
Wednesday, 12/4: 6:30-8:30pm (7 spots available)
Friday, 12/6: 10am-Noon (5 spots left)
Friday, 12/6: 1-3pm (FULL)
Saturday, 12/7: 9am-11am (FULL)
Saturday, 12/7: 2-4pm (15 spots left)
Sunday, 12/8: 1-3pm (only 10 spots left)
Sunday, 12/8: 3-5pm (only 10 spots left)
Tuesday, 12/10: 10am-Noon (FULL)
Tuesday, 12/10: 1-3pm (FULL)
Wednesday, 12/11: 10am-Noon (FULL)
Wednesday, 12/11: 1-3pm (5 spots left)
Wednesday, 12/11: 6:30-8:30pm (FULL)
Thursday, 12/12: 10am-Noon (FULL)
Friday, 12/13: 10am-Noon (10 spots left)
**Group sessions are reserved on a first come, first reserved basis and you may indicate your top 3 choices below.
**We are only able to accommodate ADULT volunteer groups at this time.

PLEASE NOTE: All groups will need to arrive together at the same time. We will not be able to get your group started until everyone has arrived at the office, so please make sure to communicate that to your group. When all members of your group arrive, we will be taking you through a short training time so that you know what you will be doing. Even if you have volunteered with us before, we require all seasonal volunteers to go through this training. Please plan to have your group stay the entire time slot for which you sign up. We reserve your spots for that time and count on the help for the entire period of time.

Quality is important to HopeMatch, so please only send volunteers who are skilled in the following areas: Wrapping Gifts and Inventory. Because of the volume and short time frame we are working within, please send volunteers who are organized and have an attention to detail. We look forward to working with your group!
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I understand the the HopeMatch office will not open until my group's scheduled start time. We are not able to allow group members who arrive early to start volunteering ahead of the rest of their group. *
Our group can bring an assortment of wrapping supplies to contribute (i.e. scotch tape, gift boxes or Amazon boxes with names removed, tissue paper, sticky gift labels, wrapping paper, etc) No bows please. Wrapping supplies will be available regardless.
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