Musical Mondays - Feedback!
Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to come and watch this video!  My hope is that all of the lessons/ideas you learned about were educational, exciting, inspirational, and a little fun.  

Thanks for taking the time to fill out this quick online survey.  I'd love to get your honest thoughts and feedback so that I can make more live videos even more beneficial.  One more incentive, if you fill out the survey and leave your email address below, you will be entered to win a Magic Yarn Ball!
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How was the speed/pacing of the video?
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How was the format?  Did you like the overview of all K-5 lessons and then a zoom in on one particular grade?  
What do you wish you had learned more about?  What could be better?
What was your favorite song/activity tonight and why?
Were you able to ask questions and or comment as the video/session progressed?  If I didn't get to your question in the actual video, I'll be sure to come back and answer it later!
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