The Focus Forward Business Assessment
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The New and Improved Focus Forward Business Assessment is here. See how your business stacks up against the 12 Focus Forward Pillars and learn what to do next.
We will send you a summary report and resources that can help you and your business.

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My processes are documented and accessible to everyone on my team. (I have a Playbook.) *
All processes are being consistently implemented and executed throughout my business. *
My Company has a documented Vision of Meaning that includes our Higher Purpose, Core Values, and Big Ambitious Goal. *
My Company's Vision of Meaning is alive and being used in the business. *
I have a clearly defined target Profit Margin. *
I am achieving my target Profit Margin. *
My Target Customer's wants and desires are clearly defined and everyone on my team knows what they are. *
We have a good understanding of how we are Dramatically and Meaningfully Different in the eyes of our Target Customers.
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I have at least two ideas for offerings that exceed my target Profit Margin and that I believe my Target Customers would love. *
All employees meet with their direct superviser 1 on 1 at least every 2 weeks. *
Every member of my team knows what their 2 most important things are in their current position. *
We have a single document or dashboard where we track our most important (big picture) metrics? *
I know which marketing activities get me the best results for the least input. *
We have a documented sales/intake process that gets great results and is used consistently. *
My sales conversion rate is... *
We have our current 3 Quarterly Strategic Priorities visible to the team and being worked consistently. *
Am I working ON my business at least 2 hours each week? *
If I had to do it over again today, I would enthusiastically rehire every member of my team. *
I have a documented and implemented process to recognize every member of my team at least once every 7 days. *
I have enough great candidates to fill all my positions whenever I need new people. *
I have a leadership development program in place for my key people. *
My business is achieving its full potential. *
We consider our Vision of Meaning, Target Customer, and target Profit Margin when making strategic decisions. *
Number of Employees *
My Annual Revenue is approximately *
If I could wave a magic wand and fix any problem/achieve any goal in my business, it would be... *
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