ECAAN 2020 Interest
We are seeking your feedback about taking the ECAAN 2020 Conference online considering the evolving situation with COVID-19. Please provide feedback to the board about your interest in ECAAN activities for 2020 and how we might plan for a virtual conference. This has been a challenging time that has created innovative practices for advising that are worth sharing.

A virtual conference this year would ensure that we protect the health of conference goers and presenters. We are asking that each ECAAN member institution select a point of contact to coordinate on-site,so that we can create an affordable professional development opportunity and continue sustaining and growing the ECAAN.

Please complete this quick survey to provide feedback about possible format options and timeframes, your availability, and interest in involvement.

Contact us with any questions at

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Are you interested in a hybrid approach, which would allow for in-person presenters and attendees while accommodating those who wish to participate or present remotely? *
Do you have any major events that would currently prevent your participation on certain days or weeks? If so, what times are they? *
Would you be interested in being a point of contact for your campus? *
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We do not plan to change the membership fees for this year. What is your current status. Annual membership is $60. Membership fee will include annual conference. *
Please provide any other feedback you would like about ECAAN and conference planning for this year.
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