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Note: If you use a different name on Zwift then enter your Zwift name here, but in your email with ID for verification please let us know which name to match it up with.
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Age this calendar year *
On your birthday this year what age will you be, or have reached already e.g. if you turn 48 any time in 2018 then the answer is 48.
Type of ID for Age Verification *
Scan of document should be sent to
Weight in kg *
Please round to nearest kg. Acceptable weight variation when racing is +/-2kg for under 80kg riders, +/-3kg for over 80kg riders
Gender *
Women will be placed two age groups higher e.g. a 47 year old woman races in the 57 year age group.
Zwift ID Number *
Please enter your Zwift ID number - we need this to correctly match results. You can find it in two places; 1. Go to the hard drive of your computer and in Documents find the Zwift folder, then look in the sub-folder called CP. There will be another sub-folder called 'user' and then a number, which is your Zwift ID e.g. user1234. Or 2. Go to ZwiftPower and if you're registered then look in Profile, then Settings. Open the Settings and there is a box showing your Zwift ID e.g. 1234.
Strava ID
Please provide a link to your Strava profile or your Strava ID and number if you have one.
Please read and accept the following terms in order to complete registration. Your name, age, Zwift ID and weight will be made available for the purposes of Zwift Masters racing. Contact details will be kept confidential and will be used only for announcements, queries and other purposes related directly to Zwift Masters racing. *
Registration may not be completed without accepting these terms. Please contact if you have questions or concerns.
For questions or comments related to this form and to send ID for verification please contact
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