Being Biracial in Sioux Falls
WEDNESDAY, AUG 30th 6- 8 p.m. Session located at the Downtown Sioux Falls Library, 200 N Dakota Ave, Sioux Falls SD.

During what some may feel is the most divisive period in our country, biracial and multicultural people, particularly those identifying with the collective consciousness of communities of color, likely have to navigate difficult conversations or moments with friends, co-workers or even family members.

From feeling unrecognized to flat out rejecting one's racial existence, these types of conversations with many can be painful. But can non biracial individuals ever truly understand? This panel session engages this topic from a range of scholarly and personal perspectives, including social work and various fields of education.

Focal topics include the perspective of parenting biracial children as a white person, navigating relationships with extended family members and in-laws, answering the what are your questions, and understanding the dynamics of racial socialization within cross-racial families.

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