2019- 2020 Lexington DI Registration
Welcome to the Lexington Destination Imagination (DI)!

We're looking forward to an exciting year with many interesting challenges. Please go to the Resources page of www.LexDI.org for more information. Please complete one registration form for each student who wishes to participate. Make sure that you answer all the questions through the end of the form, AND CLICK THE "SUBMIT" BUTTON. A copy of the filled form will be sent to the email provided.
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Contact Information for Primary Parent Contact
Use this section to provide information for the parent who will be our primary contact.
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Team Placement Information
We highly recommend forming your own team of 5-7 students and 2 co-team managers (e.g. adult coaches). This way, you are ready to go immediately.

If you have team members to form a team in mind, please ask everyone to write each other's names in the following section. We will try to place your group into one team.
Same-team placement for siblings *
If you are registering multiple students, please indicate whether you prefer that siblings be placed on the same or different teams.
If your team advances to DI Global Finals, will you and your student go? *
When your team advances past the MA state tournament, you are invited to showcase your solutions at Global Finals (GF). The DI Global Finals will be held in Kansas City, Missouri on May 18-23, 2020. The cost can be high (about $2500-$3000 for one parent, one student to attend), but worth every penny, according to families who have attended GF. If your team has an opportunity to go to GF, will you commit to go with your child and the team? (Students in 9-12 grades don't need parent to accompany them with the discretion of the Team Manager(s))
Meeting times *
Please rank the meeting times by preference, 1 (most preferred) to 4 (least preferred). At least two choices must be ranked 1 or 2.
Saturdays before noon
Saturdays noon-6pm
Sundays before noon
Sundays noon-6pm
Indicate preference to be in a DI team with (student names) ...
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Number of prior years of DI experience for the child or parent
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Schedule commitment *
Please discuss this commitment with your student before agreeing
Volunteer commitment *
Lexington DI is a volunteer-run program. We require a volunteer commitment from at least one parent of each student participating in the program. Preference is given in team placement to students whose parents volunteer to co-manage a team.
If volunteering as a manager, I prefer to have my student(s) on my team
If volunteering as a manager, my t-shirt size
If you have comments or further information that will help us process your registration, please add them here
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No interference commitment *
The Destination ImagiNation program requires that all Team Challenge solutions be the work of team members. Any assistance with the solution from parents, siblings, classmates, or other people not on the team is considered "interference" and will generally result in a penalty for the team. This includes actual work on the solution, suggestions and ideas that are incorporated in the solution, and any feedback about material that the team is considering or incorporating in the solution (even "that's a really clever solution").
Consent, release and indemnification *
The registration fee is $125. It covers Lexington DI T-shirt, the DI team registration and tournament fee. Team managers will collect additional $25 for supplies once the teams form.

We will send you a link to on-line payment after your student is placed in a team.

Agree to pay on time *
What is next ...
SAVE THE DATES: After developing solutions to their DI Challenges, teams present at a regional tournament in March 2020 and qualifying teams move on to the State tournament at Worcester Polytechnic Institute later in March 2020.

Your registration includes the following commitments: (1) Attendance by your student at the tournaments, (2) Volunteer service by at least one parent as a team co-manager or in another supporting role, and (3) Compliance with program rules including the "No Interference" rule.

The team placement process will be an ongoing effort on a monthly basis, starting in July and ending in early December 2019. We will group 5-7 kids per team based on similar criteria (e.g. age). We will communicate about your team as soon as the team is formed. PLACEMENT ON A TEAM IS NOT GUARANTEED. STUDENTS WITH A PARENT VOLUNTEERING AS A CO-MANAGER OR APPRAISER WILL RECEIVE PREFERENCE FOR TEAM PLACEMENT. If we are not able to place your child on a team, your registration fee will not be charged.

Finally, as with all volunteer programs in the Lexington Public Schools, volunteers are required to complete a CORI (criminal offender record information) check. Forms are available at your school or at Lexington Community Education's office at LHS. If you are volunteering as a co-manager, please complete a form and submit it as soon as possible.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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