Petition to Oppose Militarizing Our Teachers
We urgently need your help! HB2789 is being pushed through the Kansas House with a last-minute hearing Tuesday at 8:00 AM.

State Rep. Brett Parker is leading the way to send a strong message that citizens oppose arming teachers. Sign our petition below so Brett can show the committee overwhelming opposition.

HB2789 includes four disturbing elements:
1. Allows teachers to carry concealed firearems in all district buildings (including kindergarten classrooms and special education classrooms for emotionally disturbed students).
2. Requires insurance companies to cover districts choosing to militarize teachers.
3. Finds schools negligent in the event of a school shooting if they choose not to militarize teachers.
4. Promotes an NRA-developed curriculum on guns to be taught to students.

Teachers oppose it. School districts oppose it. The people of Kansas oppose it.

Add your name and email to this petition ASAP so Rep. Brett Parker can show the committee our widespread opposition to this bill to militarize our teachers.

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