Lean In at Columbia: Mentee Application Deadline: October 25th
Thank you for your interest in our mentorship program! Lean In at Columbia is dedicated to empowering women in their personal and professional journeys. By pairing our members with accomplished, inspirational female professionals, we hope to provide mentees with the advice they need to kickstart and guide their careers.

Our program runs from the end of October 2017-April 2018. Mentor pairs are expected to schedule 30-45 minute chats every other week, ideally held in person; however, if necessary these can be over video chat or phone. Mentees are supported and trained in our weekly Lean In sessions, so that they may approach each mentorship chat prepared, in order to make the experience enriching for both themselves and their mentor.

Please fill out this short form to indicate your interest in being matched with a mentor. We will be creating mentorship pairs based on career interests, and will be announcing pairs at the end of October. If you have any questions before then please reach out to the director of the program, Mara, at mek2215@columbia.edu.

We apologize if you're not partnered with a mentor, and we encourage you to remain an active member so that you may find inspiration and support in your Circle.

*We will be sharing anonymous mentee applications with the mentors, so make sure to write thoughtful answers!
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We cannot guarantee that you will be paired with a mentor, but we and the mentors would love to try to find someone who can fulfill as many of your interests/needs as possible. Feel free to mention anything from identity groups to hobbies and extracurriculars.
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