Itinerant Music Lessons 2017
Please fill out a separate form for each instrument you want to learn.
Click the "submit" button at the bottom, then click "go back to the form" if you wish to sign up for another instrument.
BEATBOXING, which is new, is $10-$13
Student's first name
How you spell your name will be how it appears on the timetable and in the roll book.
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Year level in 2017
Please refer to the downloadable pdf for lesson costs or scroll down a bit
Group or individual preference
Please indicate if you have a strong preference for learning in a group or having individual lessons
instrument hire
Please indicate if you would like to hire an instrument
Guitar/piano/keyboard/vocal only:
If you have a preference for a particular teacher please state here (otherwise leave blank):
Please note that by completing this form you are acknowledging the following:
• Pupils need to have an instrument (see Mrs. Bell or instrument teacher for help).
• Pupils must attend lessons on time with their music and instrument
• Pupils are required to practice between lessons (the amount will be set by the teacher)
• There may be some costs for purchasing music books. (Drumsticks, reeds, strings will need to be purchased)
• If unable to attend a lesson for any reason please let your teacher know by message or phone. You will be marked as present, excused or absent.
• To be excused is excusable but to be marked absent may incur the cost of the missed lesson.
• Pupils who wish to discontinue at the end of a term must let the music teacher know. If a student just stops showing up they will be liable to pay for missed lessons
• Pupils may be asked to stop learning if they have unpaid fees.
• Pupils must take good care of their instrument. There is a special storage room in the performing arts block for safe keeping.
• Pupils need to politely excuse themselves from class and need to be responsible for catching up any missed classroom work.
• The expectation is that lessons will continue for the whole year
Clicking "yes" indicates the parent or caregiver is giving permission and support for the student to learn.
Parent/caregiver's name
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Lesson cost
I understand the full cost of lessons for my chosen instrument is:
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Lesson Costs - as from June 2017 (instruments and Hiphop)
Lesson cost
I have read the cost of lessons and...
Clicking "yes" indicates the student agrees to attend lessons and practice between lessons.
Previous experience
Please comment on whether you are a beginner or have experience. If you have experience please indicate how long you have learnt and/or the grade you have you have reached. Also any relevant performance groups you have been part of.
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Previous music teacher(s)
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Availablity for lesson times
Please indicate if you have times of the week you CANNOT have a lesson
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Any other comments
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