SwampCon: Hacked Panel Submission
Interested in hosting a panel at SwampCon: 2020? Possible panel ideas are a general discussion, a presentation on a topic, a game show, a workshop or demonstration, and practically anything else you can create and would like to share with others!

-The earlier a panel is submitted, the higher scheduling and room flexibility.
-Your program must fill a minimum of 30 minutes.
-Panel content will be pre-approved by the SwampCon staff. If approved, we will schedule your panel in an appropriate time slot and email you as soon as possible.

Please fill out the below form with all the information about what you would like to present.
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Panel Information
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This is what attendees will read in the panel schedule, this will be public. Think of it like an elevator pitch of your panel to people at the con! Write a short paragraph to let guests know what to expect.
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What kind of panel are you putting on?
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Preferred Day?
Please note with both time and day preferences that some times are more requested than others. There are a limited number of panel rooms, thus a limited number of panels which can get these requested time slots.
Preferred Time?
Are you willing to shorten your panel length if needed? *
Are there any conflicts that would prevent you from doing a panel at a certain time?
Not every event has been announced at this point, if you submit your panel early and assume there are no conflicts, but later find a conflict as the schedule is released, please email us to notify us of the conflict. If there are main events you know you will want to attend, such as the drag show, feel free to list the event name.
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Panel Overview *
Not the same as the panel description. This is something for the staff to review when creating the schedule and will not be public. Provide an outline of what you plan to do for the panel, this does not need to be a step-by-step run down. Explanations can be short if you plan to hold an educational panel where you show the room a PowerPoint and speak, hold an in-character Q&A, or do a similar style panel. Workshops and other more interactive panels will need to provide a more detailed overview.
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What age rating does your panel's content contain? *
We hold the right to up or downgrade a rating at our digression. 18+ panels are to be later in the evening, typically after 8PM. Even for 18+ panels, nudity should follow the swimsuit rule as to be in line with the university's policies.
What style of room would best fit your panel? *
Required Additional Equipment?
Please list any additional equipment that your panel may require. We may be able to provide you with certain items, such as projectors.
Is this a revision of a previous panel submission?
If you've already submitted a panel using this form, but made an error or would have liked to change something for that panel, check this box. We will consider this submission as a revision of your previous panel submission.
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