GOVIS 2017 - Responsive Government

Thank you for considering speaking at GOVIS 2017 conference “responsive government”. We expect this conference theme to attract some compelling and challenging ideas that need to be shared with our fellow delegates. We are looking forward to reading your presentation proposal.

Sessions are 40 minutes long which includes time for your presentation and questions from the audience. There are up to twelve slots available. If you have more than one presentation to offer, please complete a separate form.

Vendors wishing to respond must partner with a government agency and make a joint presentation, with the agency leading the balance of the presentation.

Please note that if your presentation is accepted, you will be asked to provide a draft presentation. This will be reviewed to ensure it aligns with the abstract provided and the theme of the overall programme. You will be expected to provide this draft by the end of April 2017.

To help us better understand how your presentation fits within the conference can you please complete the following questions:

For queries about this form or the conference, please contact the Conference Organisers, Paardekooper and Associates
Phone +64 4 562 8259

Note: A copy of your response will be emailed to the email address you provide for this question below. We recommend that you list this email as the email for the main contact person.

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