Niswonger Online Student Survey Spring 2021
Please complete this form for each class you are currently taking during the Spring 2021 semester with Niswonger Online. Survey responses are anonymous and are used to help us improve our classes for future semesters.
Which online course are you currently taking? If you are taking more than one online class, please complete a separate survey for each class. *
Is this your first class with Niswonger Online? *
If you answered no to the previous question, how many Niswonger Online courses have you completed in the past?
What is your expected graduation date? *
How easy is it for you to contact your teacher? *
Very difficult
Very easy
How quickly does your teacher respond to your questions? *
Please elaborate if you feel your teacher consistently takes too long to respond to your questions. How do you contact your teacher: Canvas message/email/text/call?
How easy is it for you to use the technology in your online course? For example: Signing in through the website, navigating your online course in Canvas, using Google Drive, etc. *
Very difficult
Very easy
How would you rate the difficulty of the lessons and assignments in your online course? *
Very difficult
Very easy
What is/was the hardest part of this online course for you? *
If your high school allows, would you take another online course in the future? *
Do you have any other information or comments you would like to share with the Niswonger Online Administration?
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