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Ionia has currently 84 favor.
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More information on the Politics system is available here: http://leaguefactions.net/politics-system/

Failing a petition costs the faction 10 Favor. A smaller penalty of 5 Favor applies if another faction's petition fails despite their support, or succeeds despite their opposition.

• Add Core Champion. Sometimes, factions don’t start with their entire core roster. They can petition to have one added in. (Difficulty: 80.)
• Request Research Help. Factions may request assistance from the League's sages and scholars. They gain about 75 points (3d50) of Research. (Difficulty: 100.)
• Add Secondary Champion. Factions can also ask to add in a Champion with looser ties than a Core Champion. (Difficulty: 120.)
• Enact Substitution of Field. Factions can demand that other Fields of Justice besides Summoner’s Rift get some love. If successful, they may select the map for the next two weekends of Featured Matches they participate in, for all participants. (Difficulty: 130)
• Launch Formal Inquiry. Launch a formal inquiry into another faction's affairs, potentially exposing some damaging or embarrassing Secrets. (See below for how Secrets work.) For each Secret that the targeted faction has, the targeted faction rolls Espionage (d100 plus their Espionage stat) while the investigating faction rolls d100 and adds their Favor. For each Secret, if the investigating faction rolls higher than the targeted faction, that Secret is exposed. (Difficulty: 135.)
• Disqualify Champion. Factions can try to twist the laws of the League to suit their ends, by pushing a specific Champion out of contention on a technicality. If successful, that Champion is banned from participation in the next two weekends of Featured Matches. (Difficulty: 140)
• Impose Spell-block. Factions may insist that a particular Summoner spell be disallowed, for all other participants, for the next weekend of Featured Matches. (Difficulty: 160)
• Add Tertiary Champion. Although very difficult, factions can try to persuade the League to grant them a Tertiary Champion, who has only tenuous ties to the faction. (Opportunities to reduce the difficulty of this roll, e.g. by completing a quest, may arise during the arc.) (Difficulty: 180.)
• Support/Oppose. Alternatively, a faction may exchange one of its petition slots for an extra support/oppose opportunity.

Possible Core/Secondary/Tertiary Champions for each faction are listed here: http://leaguefactions.net/faction-rosters/

Odds of Success
As a first-order approximation, the rolls work as follows: take your faction's current Favor, roll a d100, and compare the result to Difficulty. If you score above the option's difficulty, you succeed. So, if you have a Favor score of 50, you've got about a 50% chance of success on a Difficulty 100 petition.

Here are some additional factors that can come into play:
• Critical successes: You have about a 20% chance of scoring a critical success, and doubling your Favor.
• Support/Oppose: Other factions might support or oppose your petition, increasing or decreasing the odds of success.
• Burn Favor: Your faction might choose to go all-out, sacrificing a significant share of its accumulated Favor to markedly improve odds of success on an especially important petition. (Think of this as calling in favors, making impassioned speeches, and otherwise pulling strings in a way that you can't afford to do every week.)

Preference Vote
This is the first round of voting. Select the petition (or petitions) you most strongly want to see made.
Which petition or petitions do you most strongly prefer? *
Vote for as many or as few as you like.
Consent Vote
In this round, the question is not which petitions you most strongly support but which petitions you'd be alright with putting forward.

Effectively, this asks, for each option: "Given the choice between this petition or no petition, which would you prefer?" Remember that failing a petition costs the faction 10 Favor.

Which petitions would you support? *
In other words, for each option below, check the box if you'd rather make that petition or make no petition.
Burning Favor
A faction can choose to burn Favor on an especially critical petition. This costs two-thirds of its current Favor, and dramatically increases its odds of success.
Which petitions would you burn Favor on? *
This costs two-thirds of your current Favor, but significantly increases odds of success.
Target Faction
If you select a "negative" option, like disqualifying a Champion, which faction will you target? (This gives them fair warning, and may help you gain support from allies.)
Select a target for: Launch Formal Inquiry. *
If your faction decides to make this petition, whom will you target?
Select a target for: Disqualify Champion. *
If your faction decides to make this petition, whom will you target?
If Petition for Secondary champion is selected, which champions do you want? *
If Petition for Secondary champion is selected, which champions are you willing to take? *
If Petition for Tertiary champion is selected, which champions do you want? *
If Petition for Tertiary champion is selected, which champions are you willing to take? *
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