Quote - Domestic and International Shipments
Use for single parcel, multi-parcel and freight shipments.

For barrel shipments, please fill out this form: shorturl.at/nqyMX
Commodity description *
Commodity classification is a critical component necessary to determine the type of packaging, shipping modes, insurance and costs. We've listed a few of the general types below. If you have a specific commodity description that is more detailed, please select OTHER and enter the appropriate description
Value in USD - total value of shipment *
For all shipments VALUE is critical to the cost of insurance, required handling practices, types of transport. Value is also critical to the import/export costs of an international shipment.
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Packaging type(s) *
The type of packing you intend for the shipment is critical in determining the types of equipment, vehicles and handling practices that are appropriate for your shipment. If you are shipping multiple pieces you can select more than one type of packaging.
PLEASE DESCRIBE BELOW IF - cargo contains or may contain HAZMAT, DANGEROUS GOODS, or RECHARGEABLE or LITHIUM batteries. that have, or that may require special packaging, labeling, handling or documentation.
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