Parent Assessment
Please answer all questions. Thank you for your time.
Teachers at Hazen High School have high academic expectations of my child. *
I know how to access current grades for my child. *
I feel welcomed at Hazen High School. *
I feel that Hazen High School has a college going culture. *
Hazen High School regularly communicates with me about important meetings and dates. *
I feel the teachers, staff and administration care about my student. *
Hazen High School is a safe place for my child. *
I am aware there is a parent center at Hazen High School. *
I know who to contact if I am concerned about my child or another's physical, social or emotional well being. *
I have internet access at home *
I access the school website for information. *
I would like to attend parent workshops on technology topics. *
Did you read the school handbook? *
Did you attend the Open House held in August? *
Did you attend at least one school program last year? (play, chorus/band concert, athletic event, assembly, etc. *
Did you attend at least one parent/teacher conference last year? *
The school administrators are helpful and approachable. *
Teachers are approachable and helpful. *
I can easily find all school information, regulations, and policies on the school website. *
How could Hazen High School help you better support your child's academic success? *
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