Individuals, families, schools, neighborhood groups, and community organizations are all invited to participate! Soulcraft CLE is facilitating the creation the decorative ceiling for the FORUM public art project (see photo below), designed by Studio Weave and Commissioned by LAND Studio, to be placed in the Cleveland MetroParks during Summer 2019.

LAND Studio and Soulcraft CLE, in coordination with Studio Weave, are looking for ~100 individuals, institutions or community groups. Working under the direction of a lead artist, each participant will help craft a portion of the structure’s ceiling using marquetry.

Beginning the third week of March 2019 and continuing through June 2019, community participants will work together to design and assemble the marquetry for a portion of the structure’s ceiling. Participants will learn the art of marquetry, have drawing sessions, have access to all the materials and supplies needed, and have a place to store their piece of the ceiling!

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