Boyd County Storm Damage Report Form
Please use this form to report storm damage to the Boyd County office of Emergency Management. Submit button is at bottom of form.
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Check this box if you are reporting damage on behalf of someone else, such as a relative or neighbor.
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Select your level of damage; Affected is some damage but still habitable. Minor is damaged and uninhabitable but needs minimal repair. Major is damaged and uninhabitable and needs extensive repair. Destroyed is damage resulting in total loss or repairs that are not feasable.
Damage Details
Describe the details of your Damage
Utilities Damage
Describe any damage to Utilities, such as Power, Water, Sewer, Gas
Community Damages
Use this to report damages not on your property. Such as trees down blocking roads, debris, bridges, culverts, and road damage (no potholes or private driveways)
Supplemental Report
Check this box if you have already submitted a damage report, and are reporting additional details or new damage.
Commercial Providers
We cannot accept reports filed on behalf of a resident from a commercial entity, such as a contractor or builder. Please contact your customer's insurance provider.
Submission of a damage report does not guarantee reimbursement of damages from State, Local, or Federal Officials. Data from this form is gathered and submitted to the State for consideration of a damage declaration. Not all severe weather events will earn a damage declaration.
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