DQN Membership 2020-21
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The 2021 year will be valid from October 1, 2020 to September 30, 2021.
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This will be the name that the directory will be sorted by.
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Provide the names you wish to be published in the directory.
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Do you want to receive emails from the DQN President and the guild? Emails include the Newsletter (Chatter) and other important news for members. The email list is not for commercial purposes.
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Please indicate if you are a new member or renewing your membership.
Youth Members
If you are 18 or under, your membership is free. Please enter the name of the DQN Member sponsoring you to qualify.
Opportunities to Serve
Please indicate the areas that you might be interested in volunteering to help DQN. We use this information when a volunteer vacancy occurs or a new need arises. If you are eager to start volunteering right away, please also contact Mary Jane Eichholz at dqnpresident@gmail.com or 702-274-7004.
Talents in my "tool box"
Do you have skills in any of the following areas that are helpful for our volunteers and committees? You do not need to be an expert, just enough to get started and an open mind.
Payment *
Please go to the DQN Store to pay your membership dues online. Please note that if you are 18 or younger, or 90 or older, your membership is complimentary
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