Out of the Dust Book Quiz
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1) Which pair of words best describes the way Billie Jo’s thinking about the dust changes from the beginning of the book to the end of it? *
2) The genre of this book is best described as a combination of: *
3) A unique aspect about the text structure of this book is that . . . *
4) When her father says, “I dreamed of running off, too, though I never did. I didn’t have half your sauce, Billie Jo,” he means . . . *
5) Billie Jo wishes her mother had praised her more for being at the top of her eighth grade class. After the accident with her mother, how does Billy Jo feel about her grades? *
6) Which of these is NOT true from the book? *
7) A terrible accident occurs in this book. Which of the following might be the best reason for the author to include this event in the story? *
8) Which of the following things affects these characters the most? *
9) Which of the following is NOT one of the ways the author shows how Billie Jo has trouble getting on with life after her mother’s accident? *
10) Which of these shows Billie Jo’s concern about Louise? *
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