Dmark Photography Test Shoot Application

Test shoot information - IMPORTANT

* $30.00 Supply/Wear & Tear Non-refundable Fee. This fee must be paid in advance, and applies to all shoots (including TF). Money orders, cash or ┬ęPaypal accepted.

* Hair & Make-up is available for test shoots, and is performed by Rachel Cheree( She's an extremely experienced and talented stylist, and is gracious enough to provide discounted rates for test shoots.

* All shoots will be done on a TF basis. Includes one fully edited image of your choice... you will receive both web sized and high resolution versions delivered in digital format. Since it's a TF shoot, only the version with the logo is allowed to be displayed on the web. That way it's a win-win for everyone. The first image will arrive edited shortly after your shoot, and you can choose more to be finished at any time. See below for pricing details.

* Editing will have a maximum turn-around time of 3 weeks.

* As a bonus, if you do decide to hire Rachel, you'll get one additional free edit. You'll receive a webfile and a high-resolution file for personal printing delivered via the web.

* $25.00 Each additional image. The image you pick will come fully edited, and you will receive both web sized and high resolution versions. Delivered in digital format.

* $200.00 For a CD of all images in high-resolution for personal printing.

* $1000.00 - Copyrights fee + CD of all unedited images from our shoot, with the copyrights released to you. So you can use them for what ever you feel like!

*Additional Travel - $0.50/mile and lodging over 150 miles at local lodging rates

* If I edit additional images for use in my portfolio, you will receive a web sized copy for free. Delivered in digital format.

* TF shoots will be at my discretion and very limited with preference given to people with interesting ideas, locations, or wardrobe.

* The copyrights to all work producted is retained by Dmarkphotography unless the copyright fee has been paid.
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