Buildcon Booths!
You are applying for a 71x71 booth at Buildcon 2018.

Booths are a perfect way for teams, companies to do with gaming, servers, creative groups and collectives within the community to let the community know more about their team. Traditionally booths contain a build which captures what your team or group is about (you can build any theme you want!), as well as signs listing information about your group, social media links and a list of the members or individuals running your community!

If you are a build team and don't think you have the time to build an entire showcase build, then a booth is perfect for you!
Build as creatively and with as much imagination as you can, as long as it fits a 71x71 AREA and 250 block HEIGHT!

Please note that Buildcon booths this year will only be available to teams, companies, creative servers and established groups of creators. Showcases will still be available to all, so if you’re a solo builder or group of friends wanting to show your work then showcases are for you!

Here is the link to our SHOWCASE APPLICATION >>
(Which is also on our Twitter).

What is the name of your team/company/server/group? *
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We need the IGN (in game name) of ONE leader or representative of your group, for contact and plot perms. *
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Discord handle of the leader or representative listed above. *
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Can you link a preview image of your plot below? If you use Imgur make sure that the link is not set on private. *
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Please link a SCHEMATIC download of your finished booth here. Make sure the link doesn't expire and can be accessed by us. *
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