PGP - Annual Blogger Application Form
This application form is for the following events in 2019: Skin Fair (March 2019), Vintage Fair (June 2019) and The Ark (September 2019). Male and Female bloggers are encouraged to apply.

SKIN FAIR: An event for all things skin related including skins, mesh body parts, makeup, tattoos and shapes.
VINTAGE FAIR: An event for all things vintage, specifically with a pre 1980s theme. This includes fashion, poses, home and garden, body, accessories and footwear.
THE ARK: An event inspired by the Animal Kingdom. This includes skin and body, tattoos, mesh body attachments, whole avatars, home and garden, fashion, breedables, and footwear.

By completing this form you agree to blog for ALL THREE EVENTS.
New Bloggers will be selected every year.
Applications close XXXXX 2019.

Overall 10 posts, each containing two different items from the event.
Of these, 5 posts will be ‘feature’ posts, with the items clearly visible with the event logo present in each post.
The remaining 5 posts are not feature posts, but must include 2 items each post.

Blogger packs will be sent via the inworld group. Ensure you have group space available.
There are four weeks per event; please space your posts out over the entire period.
All items must be clearly visible and not ‘hidden’ in the background.

Skin Fair posts must include a review of the full fatpack, showing all skin tones. An example is available here:

Vintage Fair posts must show the range of detail on each item being blogged. Bloggers are expected to show closeups in their posts.

The Ark posts are likely to show full avatars or mesh body parts. Bloggers must be willing to shapeshift to show products properly.

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Blogger requirements are: minimum 10 posts per event with at least TWO items per post. 5 posts must be feature posts and include the event logo. Remaining 5 posts do not need to include event logo. You are applying to blog for ALL THREE EVENTS. Please tick to confirm you can meet this requirement: *
Do you understand that if you do not meet the requirements during the year, you will be removed from Pale Girl Productions blogger group and could be blacklisted from future events? *
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