{HER} Code Summer STEM Experience 2020 Application
Hi Hi Hi! It is about that time for the 2nd Annual {HER} Code Summer STEM Experience for girls in out of home placement. Please complete the following form, with as much accurate information as possible. {HER} Code is an amazing way to engage, empower and enhance the understanding of STEM for girls in out of home placement. A few things you need to know about {HER} Code is:

1) the age range is from 9-17 years old (groups of girls are welcome)
2) the application follows the girls, so if they get to go back home, move or switch placement they are still eligible if they are able to make it to the camp site.
3) Transportation assistance is provided in the form of (a) mutual midpoint meeting spot (b) gas card/bus pass
4) CAMP IS FREE, food is included.

Please complete the following registration form in order to hold a spot for your girl(s).An application has to be completed for each girl you are registering.

Thank you,
Renika Atkins LMSW
Founder and Director
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