BPL Website Update 2020
We would like to know what would make your user experience better.
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I use the library website to:
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Don't agree
see what titles you have
find out what is new at the library
request interlibrary loan materials
find out what programs are coming up
find out what is happening in youth services
do research on a specific topic
read about the library history
find out what is happening in Bridgton
I would like the library site to:
Strongly agree
Don't agree
have a place for me to ask reference questions
have a place for community dialog
have more links to state and federal government sites
have safe online games for my child
have information about BPL history
link to other library catalogs
Other social media I use:
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I use the online catalog to:
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see what I have checked out
renew items
request items to purchase
reserve cubicles/workspaces
see what items are new
put a hold on an item
When I am on a website I am:
Strongly agree
Don't agree
trying to get my business done
interested in browsing for other interesting information
looking for something specific
I am most comfortable at a site that has:
Strongly agree
Don't agree
lots of space around text
lots of pictures to break up the page
slideshow images
a help screen that pops up when needed
contact information available on every page
a few pages with a lot of information on each (scrolling okay)
more pages with less information on each (scrolling not required)
When I look for information online I:
Strongly agree
Don't agree
go to sites I know
type my question into a search (Google, Yahoo, Firefox)
start at a social media site and follow links
ask for help from library staff
I like these options:
Strongly agree
Don't agree
receiving updates by email
having a monthly calendar view
having a separate youth services page
Facebook posts from the Library
receiving reminders of events I have signed up for
registering for events online
I would like to see these things added or improved:
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