Emmaus House Soup Kitchen Volunteer Guidelines
Our intention is that these guidelines assist in the smooth flow of service for everyone involved in this vital mission. You are welcome to make a copy for your records. These are also available in the Emmaus House kitchen to sign.

These guidelines are not negotiable.

1. Volunteers must be over 18 years old
2. Volunteers must wear close toed shoes in the kitchen at all times.
3. Eating in the kitchen is strictly prohibited, as it is a health and cleanliness concern.
4. Volunteers must wash hands upon entering the kitchen and as often as necessary throughout the service.
5. Volunteers must always wear gloves while handling ready-to-eat foods.
6. The kitchen belongs to the Executive Chef. All decisions regarding volunteer staffing, prep, food distribution, etc should go through her or the Director ONLY.
7. The clinic area belongs to the Clinic Supervisor. All decisions regarding laundry, showers and the client restroom should go through him or the Director ONLY.
8. Volunteers are welcome to take 1 (ONE) to-go plate with them after breakfast service.

Failure to respect these rules will result in being asked to kindly volunteer elsewhere. Our collective focus is on our clients, their health and wellness and the functionality of our operation. Please feel free to discuss these guidelines with the Director by sending an email to emmaushousesavannah@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns.

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