Fit2Coach 2014/2015 Re-Certification Quiz
Welcome to the Re-Certification Exam for previously-certified coaches who need to Re-Certify for their 2014/2015 season! Fit2Coach has grandfathered-in coaches certified under SUNY Youth Sports Institute.

After completion, send your ID Photo to Please include your Full Name, Youth Sports Organization, and Mailing & Email Address with your ID Photo submission.

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Re-Certification Quiz (20 Questions)
Choose the best answer. The first 6 have no wrong answers and are just reflective of your opinion on coaching.
1. As a youth sports leader, I have brought qualities from unsupervised forms of play into my organized sports program. *
2. As a youth sports leader, I have positively impacted the level of passion for the game exhibited by my players. *
3. The parents of the participants in my program have a common understanding of the standards for appropriate behavior in a youth sports setting. *
4. As a youth sports leader, I use communication skills to resolve conflicts in my program peacefully and effectively. *
5. As a youth sports leader, I take extended measures to ensure the health and safety of my participants including, but not limited to, checking the playing area before activity, appropriate stretching/conditioning, hydration, overuse injury prevention, and emergency action plan. *
6. As a youth sports leader, I routinely teach good character while also role modeling it to players, parents, officials, and other coaches. *
7. Which statement below best represents the interrelationship between play and involvement in youth sport? *
8. Advantages of informal sports and games for children include all the following except: *
9. The top three reasons why teenagers say they drop out of organized sport include all of the following except: *
10. Which of the following should describe practice sessions designed for children involved in youth sports? *
11. Children who participate in a number of different sports: *
12. Which statement below best represents the relationship between teaching and coaching? *
13. A coach’s meeting with the parents is crucial to: *
14. A well-organized practice should include each of the following except:
15. Which example below describes good character and is NOT a common challenge cited for youth sport organizations?
16. To maximize the potential that children build positive character by participating in sport, it is important that coaches, parents and players:
17. Which statement below most accurately describes cold-related conditions on children?
18. The major reason for requiring to have pre-participation physical exam (PPE) is to:
19. Based on recommendations, which of the following would be the best way to hydrate the body for an average size 10 year old exercising in moderate temperature?
20. Which of the following is NOT a recommended strategy for preventing obesity in children?
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