Craftsbury Junior Scholarship Application
Here at the Craftsbury Outdoor Center, we believe that access to cross country skiing, biathlon, mountain biking, and other life-long endurance sports should not be restricted by income. They are expensive sports, but we're lucky to be part of an amazing community that shares our vision of access and affordability. Scholarships are made possible by the generosity of many families that support the Outdoor Center. While we encourage families to apply for scholarships if they anticipate financial strain due to participation in our programs, we would also like to remind applicants that scholarship funds are limited. We ask that you contribute what you reasonably can; remember that others may be in need as well; and if you are awarded funding, that you give back however you are able. Scholarship awards for event/camp travel are typically set at a certain base amount, with additional funds potentially available in cases of severe need.

This form should be filled out and submitted by families in the Craftsbury Outdoor Center's youth programs who are seeking assistance with costs related to regular programs, COC-hosted camps, or race/camp travel related to the sport they're pursuing with the Outdoor Center. Scholarships can either take the form of fee waivers or financial aid (typically only for event travel). If you have questions about applying for a scholarship, please contact junior/BKL coach Anna Schulz:

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